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Welcome to Southwest Forest Products

Serving Phoenix Arizona's
Wooden Pallet and Industrial Lumber
needs since 1984!

New Wood Pallets

Brand New Wooden Shipping Pallets for Sale in Phoenix, Arizona

New Wooden Pallets for Sale in Phoenix

As one of Arizona's largest pallet suppliers, Southwest Forest Products keeps your supply chain flowing by providing the shipping pallets you need, whenever and wherever you need them.

When you buy pallets from our pallet factory, you can select from standard pallets or new pallets built to your custom pallet specifications.

Do you need to buy wooden pallets? We don't just sell pallets. Our pallet company actually offers a full line of pallet services and pallet solutions such as pallet delivery, pallet management and pallet repair.

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Recycled Pallets

Pallets for Sale - Buy Used Pallets in Phoenix, Arizona

Used Pallets for Sale in Phoenix

Are you searching for "used wooden pallets for sale"? We sell recycled pallets! Also known as recycled wood pallets, reused pallets or repurposed wood pallets.

We sell used pallets such as: Euro pallet, heat treated pallets, 40 x 48 pallet, 48 x 48 pallet, industrial pallet, export pallets, large pallets and heavy duty pallet.

Are you looking for local pallet companies that buy wooden pallets? We don't only sell wood pallets; we buy wood pallets as well! Contact Southwest Forest Products today and see how easy it is to buy and sell pallets!

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Industrial Lumber

Industrial Timber and Lumber Company in Phoenix, Arizona

Industrial Lumber Sales and Supply

Not only are we a pallet company, we are an industrial timber company as well! If you are looking for Industrial timber and lumber products, we manufacture industrial lumber products such as industrial cut stock wood and pallet planks.

Are you a pallet manufacturer? We are a pallet cut stock supplier with an excellent inventory of pallet cut stock for sale! We offer pre-cut pallet stock or pallet wood cut to size.

Contact us today for information regarding our pallet stock inventory and pallet stock prices. We are happy to help with any questions you may have about our pallet stock lumber for sale.

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Sustainable Forestry
Responsibly sourced products, using sustainable forestry. | No old growth trees or forests are harmed, ever! | Small diameter trees are removed from cramped, overgrown forests... | protecting forests and communities from wildfires... | conserving water for healthier forests and communities... | creating stronger, healthier and safer forests!

Southwest Forest Products is a proud member of the following associations

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